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At Fragnart, we offer the highest quality concentrated designer fragrance oil. We carry only top quality Designer Fragrances that have the same scent as the expensive designer brand perfumes. We offer large variety of men and women perfume oils that smell like the original name brand perfume at best price. One drop will last all day long, so you only need to apply just a dab at a time. Wearing a pure oil on your skin rather than a spray, allows you to experience the true fragrance the way it was meant to be.

Many customers are simply amazed with the outstanding quality of the oils they receive from us.

As we all know, alcohol is a drying agent and as your perfume evaporates, it not only takes your fragrance but your natural oils with it, drying your skin as it goes. The designer brand perfumes are comprised of concentrated oils and 75% to 85% alcohol, ethanol and or water. Alcohol and ethanol make your perfume smell much stronger than it really is and it fades within a few hours.
Our concentrated perfume oils giving your skin a softer, smoother feeling. Our Perfume Oils keep their fragrance for years and last in the bottle much longer than brand name perfumes. There are no fillers or alcohol to spoil or evaporate. Many people who have allergies and sinus problems have found they are allergic to the alcohol and ethanol. They can wear our ALCOHOL FREE perfume oils with little or no reaction. Most people that are allergic to perfume are not allergic to our oils because they do not contain alcohol

We specialize in offering uncut, “Grade A”  and “ Alcohol free” Oils. 

We have customers from all over Canada and USA on a daily basis that has developed solely on our outstanding reputation in the market. We have never compromised our quality and never will.  You may find that other companies may offer lower prices, but they cannot match or provide the quality we offer. When you buy from Fragnart, you may pay a little more, but you know you’re getting the highest quality premium perfume oils made from the best natural essential oils and raw materials available. We encourage you to do your own research and make your own decision.  We always stand behind our products and our commitment in offering the highest quality body oils and fragrances. We only mention the name brands on our site for comparison purposes only as stated in the disclaimer message on all of our web pages.

Thank you for your business and becoming part of the Fragnart family.